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Fuck you Mississippi, South Dakota and Utah!

Would I ever personally have an Abortion?
No... (unless my life was in danger or the dreaded Rape/incest reasons)

Do I think Every Damn woman needs the right to her own choice?

But those states don't even make it LEGAL in situations of Rape or Incest... so let's see make her have a not only an unwanted child but a genetically mutant special needs baby that will suck her dry for the rest of her natural life because the medical bills alone will be outrageous because her own father shoved his fucking wonderful, free from all legal reprocussions of reproduction cock in her as he raped her nightly for her entire life...

I really, REALLY, REALLY hope all of your teenage daughters get knocked up by their wonderful high school jock boyfriends and YOU lose your medical insurance and YOU have to pay all the fucking bills for your daughter because she ups and runs aways after she has the kid you MADE HER HAVE and dumps that kid on you for the next 18 ++ years.

And I hope they all do this on purpose just to teach their fathers (and mothers too) in the government who passes these laws that it SUCKS LESSONS!



It's so bad in some cases now that I see every damn day at my job!

Did you know that all Catholic Based Insurances will not pay for:
Well Woman Exams (ie: just your yearly fucking PAP SMEAR for christ's sake... oh wait NOT for Christ's sake!)
Birth Control
Tubal Ligation

What the do pay for?

Can you imagine me on the phone when I have to quote these horrible benefits to Doctors who respond to me "WTF? WHo's her employer?

ME: "God's House" (sarcasmn reigns supreme)

Did you know they won't even pay for a DNC after a woman has a miscarriage?
Because a DNC is an abortion of and ALREADY FUCKING DEAD FETUS!

I weep for these women daily whose faith in their church is so great they WORK for them and then the almighty wonderful organized church who "loves" it's flock... treats them like lambs to the fucking slaughter (well just the women mind you....)

Thankfully, 99.99999% of OB/GYN's who have to perform DNC's on miscarriages after they find out the woman's crappy employer won't pay a red cent because they are exempt from federal/state law because they opt to pay their own employee's claims rather than to let the insurance pay them... Most of these doctors will toss that bill straight in the trash and write it off and never bill the woman

Thank FUCK!

But this is where this legislation takes us... back to this OH YE FAITHFUL BOW DOWN AND BEND OVER WHILE WE FUCK YOU UP THE ASS!

I am never moving out of Californina ever and then if it does go to hell, my ass in in Canada!


Rant Follow-Up

As a follow up because people are going nuts...

a.) I know there are places in the world that SUCK to Live in, I grew up there thanks.
Answer to that problem:
1.) Don't post things for people to see with your name on it if you're so worried about content
2.) If you do post things, there's a handy thing called a SCREENNAME you can use to protect anonymity.
3.) Just stick to drawing lots of clothes, and then no cock - no foul and you can post without so much worry on your soul for goodness sakes.

b.) It's My journal, I am allowed to rant about things that BOTHER ME. If you don't agree, fine. Telling me to stop ranting in my own journal is not gonna happen folks. Don't read it if it offends you. I post away from the SOURCE without naming sources, names etc.... If you know who inspied my rant.. fine. Goody for you. There is absolutely No need to name names in comments folks, that's tacky. Thanks. I had enough respect to not point fingers please don't do it in comments, that's just not necessary.

c.) I am NOT THE NORM. I give a rats ass if people think I am:
1.) Bitchy
2.) Rude
3.) Sarcastic
4.) Blunt
5.) Not in the least bit worried who looks at what I draw.
6.) Not in the leasr bit worried who posts what where.
7.) I only care about if people are: a.) Making Money off my Stuff by re-selling and b.) Posting it as if they themselves drew it.
and even then, I either report it to people in charge and have my art taken down from re-sale and report to gallery owners of theft and then it's over and done usually with a single e-mail. No need to give myself an ulcer over it.

I was ranting for the sake of blowing off a little "WTF" confusion over people UNLIKE MYSELF who are constantly looking over their shoulders paranoid.
I'm not and was not belittling anyone if you read it again.

I am stating I think it's unnecessary to go to such extremes when just a purging of porn would have been sufficient to take care of the emotional stimuli that incited the exodous... and it's been brewing for days watching the downward spiral of a person I admire into something that was very painful to watch and anything said would have been taken the wrong way.

Precisely what happened when I did say it in a separate arena where the source isn't likely to read it because they don't have a clue who I am. (Unless of course which always happens, someone goes and specifically points it out with a link) Which happens, because people are shit stirrers and they like it.

Stop stirring shit where there isn't any folks. Just me getting a point of view off my chest, which I am allowed to do, it's called free fucking speech, it's called my own opinion.
I respect yours is different...

telling me to shut up because you have a differing opinion just proceeds to piss me off and make me think you're an idiot.

Kiss my ass world, if you don't like the bitch you are under no obligation to read my fucking journal.
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