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Medical Donations...

I hate having to resort to this and I have applied for all sorts of medical financing.... But I unfortunately need help.
I'm going to have to get GBP surgery (That's Bariatric Bypass) because it has become medically necessary.

My Diet - Perfect I'm doing everything RIGHT and have been a long time
But for 14 years my weight does not BUDGE. It hasn't moved more than 10 pounds up or down with the exception where I gained 40 pounds in three days back in October because of all the steroids and it has NOT come back down a single POUND in 6 months.

That 40 pounds has made everything worse by a long shot. It put me over into 35 BMI range, it has made my diabetes go BONKERS and I'm taking almost 500 units of insulin a DAY. (The heavier you are the more insulin you take, the more insulin you take the harder it is to lose weight and so very easy to gain it!) It's a vicious circle. The extra weight made the Blood sugars too high, which made the Neuropathy get worse and spread and it has spread to my Kidneys.

If I don't make a drastic change right now (and GBP surgery can almost negate Type II Diabetes OVERNIGHT) if I don't have this surgery to get my diabetes down to where I can stop taking truckload of insulin, I'm looking at rapidly deteriorating and the threat of Kidney failure and Dialysis is not only there, but I'm at extremely high risk. Not to mention the possibility of losing my legs too eventually.

I'm terrified, the doctors are concerned, it's beyond medically necessary for me now to have GBP surgery. The weight loss is a bonus, but the main reason is GBP surgery changes how your stomach processes nutrients and by not letting food into the Duodenum part (lower part) of the stomach and skips the traverse colon... this means sugar is not processed and allowed to be absorbed for an extended amount of time, which means less exposure to sugars, less insulin required, and gives your cells a change to relearn how to absorb insulin. This is why GBP is called a "cure" for Type II diabetes... it's not really a cure of diabetes, just a cure for the worst symptoms of Diabetes. Insulin resistance and High Blood Glucose. This is why it is recommended for me, my diabetes is getting worse and worse. I'm getting more and more resistant to insulin.

This brings me to my problem... Affording this surgery, it's going to cost around $26,000.00 give or take a few hundred dollars. (that's all inclusive from Hospital to all the specialist fees involved.) I've managed to secure CARECREDIT (A medical revolving credit card for $5300.00), I've applied for an independent loan for financing, but you know banks lately, I'm terrified and I have to have $16,000.00 UP FRONT for the hospital and surgeon portion of the bill....


My Insurance, even if it's medically necessary, does NOT cover ANY obesity  or even morbid obesity treatments including but not limited to surgical procedures. All of it is excluded, even just plain old diet office visits with your PCP... Ya know, no wonder the country is getting fatter and fatter, people can't even get a diet plan with their doctor or a nutritionist covered. Most people are NOT like me. I eat like a bird, my caloric intake is very, very low. I'm on a healthy diet for many, many years... my weight comes from insulin resistance and injections. And even my "obesity" ( BMI > 30) is NOT a covered benefit.

I have to have this surgery, I have to save my kidneys and my legs and it has to be drastic because the old fashioned methods I've been on for 14 years just do not work for me anymore.

If any one has advice where else to go (I've got medical revolving credit for $5300 already secured (Thank goodness I have excellent credit and even that gets you almost NOTHING in credit cards anymore....) and I'm waiting for my installment loan request to be processed by the bank. Any other help you know of, heard of, have a rich philanthropist uncle twice removed, anything... I could use the help.

Well I know the Trouble with the "donate" button I'm not a Charity and Paypal is purposefully blocking the link from the blogs... oookay. I didn't know that... and why the links worked for me and NOBODY else.

By just sending a paypal payment to fablespinner-AT-gmail-DOT-com Sorry for the hassle. :(

Thanks Everyone <3 I hate to ask, every little bit helps. I also understand if you can't do anything other than cross your fingers I get loan approval. No one has money or decent health coverage these days. Thank you just for reading.
Suck Thumb

Not a Good Health Day....

Well went to UofL for "Day 1" of the research.

Went in, took the pills, ate the radioactive muffin and then started the gastric emptying test again...
But this time they also have to do blood work... a LOT of blood work... all day long.

Too bad they only got about 3 vials out of me for the lab and that took, three experienced RN's and 16 attempts with a catheter needle and probably 7 attempts with a butterfly needle.

Why was this so difficult?

1.) Good luck finding ANY vein on me to begin with, I've been stuck so many times in my life, my veins are now worthless. I've once had about nine simultaneous IVs in me when I was intabated. Head, arms, Neck, feet. I cannot count how many times I've had IVs, blood tests etc.. in my life. Thousands is a rather good guess and not at all exaggerated.
2.) If you do manage to hit the rolling, collapsed pieces of shit, more often then not, they then just explode. Literally. I'm covered in welt bruises from were my veins ruptured under the surface today from the needles and the attempts to tap my veins. BLAM! Burst! PAIN!
3.) I also have neuropathy, every stick in my veins feels like a lightening bolt starting at injection site, traveling my body like white hot fire and shooting out one of my big toes, every, single time. I fight the involuntary "twitching" but it's very hard. I try to go to that ZEN place, be motionless, but it's very difficult when the twitching is, as I said, involuntary. I "twitch" just sitting here NOT getting stuck with sharp things.

I hit a major pain tolerance threshold today, I have learned my absolute limits. 16 attempts of jabbing, rolling, scraping for veins (Not just jab and retreat, no Jab, dig around a bit, roll the needle, scrape the nerves type of needle wrangling...)

Had they gone for 17 I might have come unhinged. I would have confessed to kidnapping the Lindbergh Baby, and perhaps masterminding the 9/11 terrorist bombing.... I was done, stick a fork in me, check please, DONE! I was almost incoherent with pain, I was babbling gibberish and crying, I hurt in every pore today, My head pounded, my limbs felt like fire, I just wanted to curl up and sleep for a decade.(I STILL Hurt, an all over ache with random bursts of OMFG OWWIE.)

As it was, I had to call John and Mom at work and have John drop off my Mom at UofL, I was NOT going to be able to drive a car, I was OUT of commission and I still had 2 hours of testing left to go at that point.

Guess what?

I get to do all that again in 7 days.

The only thing making this even remotely worth all this pain is the HOPE that this medication (which I found out is the hormone Ghrelin) works and stalls and regulates the Gastro Paresis.

That alone will get my ass in the car next Wednesday to do it all again.

I look like I'm a war zone survivor with all the bruises.

I'm just continuing with the internal mantra: "It will all be worth it if this works... Suck it up, deal with it, Rinse and repeat Mantra..."

My Health Update....

Once Again Good News mixed with depressing news.

Now back in October my a1C in the Hospital was @ 14. OMG! Totally Bonkers.

The A1c test and eAG calculation are used to monitor the glucose control of diabetics over time. The goal of those with diabetes  is to keep their blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible. (This is registered as a " 7 " score) This helps to minimize the complications caused by chronically elevated glucose levels, such as progressive damage to body organs like the kidneys, eyes, cardiovascular system, and nerves. The A1c test and eAG result give a picture of the average amount of glucose in the blood over the last few months. They can help you and your doctor know if the measures you are taking to control your diabetes are successful or need to be adjusted.

A1c is frequently used to help newly diagnosed diabetics determine how elevated their uncontrolled blood glucose levels have been. It may be ordered several times while control is being achieved, and then several times a year to verify that good control is being maintained.

So like Stated, "NORMAL" is a score of 7, mine back in October was a SKY HIGH 14...

Got my test back today and I have brought it down from 14 to 8.4! WHOO HOO! Not perfect yet, but it's only 1.4 points away.

That was the good news.

The not so good news, I have Kidney Damage.(Diabetic Kidney Neuropathy) I have elevated microalbuminuria, In short that means I am not processing/filtering Protein in my Kidneys and it's leaking into my Urine basically. A normal level of Protein in urine is LESS than 30... microalbuminuria 31-299 ... macroalbuminuria GREATER than 300

My Test? 232

I'm way freaking high and almost macro, so we HAVE to get the numbers down even more and absolutely no more ibuprofen EVER.


That's the only pain killer that does CRAP for me.

The Doctor also suspects dues to my symptoms I have Diabetic Gastroparesis... Which is basically Neuropathy of my stomach too,

So not only do I have Neuropathy in my arms, feet and legs, but my internal organs too. I am the frigging poster child for Diabetic Neuropathies....

the *FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!* heard around the world this afternoon? Yeah that was me.

One step forward, two steps back...