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Ya know, looking and drooling over other artists I admire and go "fangirl" over, (ponderosa, popsicledream, spubba and host more that I don't know if they have LJ's or not)

I realize I REALLY need to write fics that inspire them to draw.


I'm seething with unmitigated jealousy at the LUCKY S.O.B.'s who have gift art displayed on these artist's websites.

And I can only HOPE they appreciate the gift as much as I appreciate just seeing it.

There are some REALLY talented people on the net.

I really wish I had the Chutzpah to inspire them to draw for me.

Goodness knows I get inspired (My illustration gallery is the biggest one I have), and I'm no where NEAR as good as the above people mentioned and THEN SOME. I feel so humbled on a regular basis, I think that's why I go actually. I want to *BE* as good, they inspire me to do better.

There have been times I've felt really good doing an Illustration for someone Like I made their century by a doodle (BOY THAT FEELS GOOOOOOOD!), and there have been times I felt like I was REQUIRED to grovel like dirt beneath feet, I did a whole string of pics (I think 6 right in a row actually) without even a thanks, only a public, "I'm sorry but you messed up on this detail, where's the next one?" That totally blew my fire, inspiration and drive to give anymore.....

That last instance mind you happened only once, and out of the sheer NUMBER I've done I can't complain.

Which leads me to WISH I had the ability to write something that inspired art from someone I COVET and WORSHIP.

That would make *MY* century.

Here's hoping that I can do that someday, it's a goal at least.

I don't think wanting art that's better than my own pitiful attempts is too great wish for the karma Gods.

At least I hope not.

If it is..


Done rambling, it's late and when I begin thinking and posting randomness it's time for bed

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