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Well there you have it....

In trying to track down the Ex because he is evading paying, we had a nice private investigator do a little looking for free.

IE: He went to see if Asshole still lived in the same place and where he might be working.

He's moved (Naturally) but P.I. talked to landlord...

Well, I just got back from speaking with his old land lord and they do not
know where he has moved to, but it sounds like he has stayed in the area. I
know that he is married right now and that he recently lost his job with
Tilley Harley Davidson. Prior to that he was working for Goodrich.

Also, between Goodridge and Tilley H-D, Craig worked for a company called
Grandeur at 2200 Winston Rd. in Jonesville, NC 28642 (336-526-2468) but was
let go. The boy can't seem to be able to hold a job for very long.

His new wife's name is Nancy Whitt and he met her at Wal-Mart. The last the land
lord knew she was the manager at a McDonald's that is in my business park.

I think that there is more that I can do, but unfortunately I will need to
bill for any more work. As I said before, the retainer will be $350 and I
will bill you at a rate of $65 per hour and I can throw in the mileage as
long as it doesn't get out of hand.

Just let me know what you would like to do. I could start with his old place
of employment and see if anybody there knows anything. Then I can go to the
McDonald's to find the new wife and see if she will lead me to where he is
now. I imagine that he has probably found some work somewhere.

Whoa he has become a BIG low-life, not to mention I am dumbfounded he's married again so FAST!!!! The divorce hasn't even been FINAL for 9 months yet.

I haven't even been on a DATE, hell I've not even talked to a man my age.

I'm just, yeah.... Okay.

I guess it's over, I cannot afford that sort of rate just to LOCATE him, on top of the money I'd have to dish out to start legal proceedings to get the money... I'll never find this asshole, and I'll never get the money for the bills he left behind, all $25,0000, and with him being married again I can't deport him either.


I'm off to find chocolate to fight depression.

Yah, I'll be fine, just stings for now. I feel so USED.

I've had it, it took me 32 years to learn this lesson.

Giving all of yourself to people only leads to this.

No more.

I'm done. I'm tired of being used and tossed away when I'm not wanted anymore.

The only people not to USE me have been my on-line friends, just THANKS all around there for that.

I appreciate it.

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