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Crisis Narrowly averted

Okay, set up the scene here...

So we put Kaiser in the Garage when the Lawn guy comes to Mow the yard... It's only for about 30 minutes or so....

I go out as soon as the dude leaves to let Kaiser out again (I just open the door, he comes and goes out of the garage at will.)

There is blood EVERYWHERE.

On the door, on the dog, up the walls, on the work bench, all OVER on the floor.

I grab the hose and see if I can find where the dog is bleeding from and to CLEAN it.

I can't find a wound, he's not acting hurt, he's acting like his normal psycho self when I get the hose out, cause he thinks it's fun wet play time.

Then I see as he's biting the water (Cause he does that when we're playing in the hose, he chomps at the water stream) that he is bleeding FROM HIS MOUTH it's GUSHING out all over the place.


Okay I panic on the INSIDE, I always do, but I can manage to remain calm and collected on the outside to do what I NEED to do.

I throw my VERY wet dog into my car and drive to the Vet right away.

The stupid Dog BIT HIS TONGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All my panic, going nuts on the inside, and all the idiot did was bark too much and he bit his own tongue.


Thankfully my vet is cool. And very French...

"EEts Okay, Bubba (she calls Kaiser Bubba) ees fine. Mouth will bleed a lot, but ee is OOkay. No charge for today.)

So my Vet laughed at me sent me home with no charge since the dog was fine. Just lots of cold clean water. (And he gets that anyway. I put out ice water 4 times a day for him, he likes it REALLY cold and really fresh, I spoil him rotten. The booger.)

My car smells like wet pooch, we finished our game in the hose, and now he is drip drying on the back patio.


GAWD, stupid dog gave me a heart attack.

Now I have to go clean up the gallon of blood he spilled everywhere in the garage. Literally it's all over EVERYTHING. It looks like Jason's meat house after a bender killing spree in there.


Cue the Halloween theme song while I grab a rag and a bucket. EWWWWW.

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