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It amazes me sometimes...

How three sentences can be over reacted to.

I either...

A.) Need older friends who don't go overly "teen-angsty" over minor things and see more in my words than what is there.
B.) Need friends that will let me have a differing opinion occasionally. People *CAN* disagree on one thing here and there and still be friends ya know.
C.) Need friends that will learn I will tell them the truth as I see it. I don't claim it's a truth for all, only me. DEAL WITH IT.

In case you haven't realized this yet about me, let me spell it out in plain English.


Bondage or even the illusion of Bondage never floats my boat. I have no problem with friends who like it, I don't and never will.

Goth fashion stuff I find supremely ugly, was never into the vampire style, white face, black make-up and the now current JPop fad of dressing. It's just my personal taste, again I have friends who like it, go you. Just don't expect me to like it or LIE and say you look "nice" cause I think you look like crap.

It's like a friend who gets a BAD haircut... I am GOING to face vault and say: "Dude who did that to your hair?!" That's me like it or lump it. I can still like YOU and not your clothes, hair, pairings you like in fics, your choice for anti-perspirant, perfume, music choices, etc... for goodness sake! Those are such little insubstantial things. I like PEOPLE. If I don't like something little It's not a SLAM your personally, or are you your clothes?

I am severely over cautious and protective of children, I'd have them in rose colored glasses until age 30 if I could.

I have an extreme intolerance of anything even REMOTELY SKIRTING the edge of what * I * and I alone consider Child P-rn and/or Shota for very personal reasons.

And I am NOT alone there, the new laws pertaining to this issue in the United States are harsh, vague and all encompassing. You and anyone who even LOOKS at anything even the TINIEST bit resembling said P-rn, or anything that could even accidentally be SEEN or just misunderstood in that matter, will land you ALL, from the person who posed, took the photo and anyone who could have even just GLANCED at it get 20 to life.

I am NOT KIDDING. I wish I were.

I'd rather NOT take that chance thanks. Sue me for being worried over something like that, I know how fun people think it is right at that moment without forethought to consequences, I HOWEVER, know and can surmise and see and give conjecture on how a zealot with a dog eared bible in one hand and a lawyer in the other will see it and prosecute.

Deal with your older friends teens, believe it or not, we have your best interests in mind and we have been there done that.

You may THINK we know nothing and are sad killjoys to your "fun"... when quite the opposite is true.

So for goodness sakes get a fucking grip and quit angsting over STUPID things. Trust me, if I had a problem with something SUBSTANTIAL, I wouldn't allude to it, I'd fucking tell you to knock it off.

Like now.

Knock it off, this is stupid.

Boo Hoo, get over it all ready. One outfit and one differing opinion does not a friendship destroy unless you angst over it and try to guilt trip me into lying to placate you.

That does not work. The Whiny-ness and shit and pointless boo-hooing is what gets on my fucking nerves.

I will tell you when I like something, I will tell you when I hate something.

TRUE friends are 100% honest with each other 100% of the time, and you have to deal with BOTH sides of me, or shit and get off the pot.

Jesus Christ people, can you not see the silly bullshit you started over 3 fucking sentences in a much LARGER summary?

The one thing that pisses me off faster than anything is putting words and feelings into my mouth that are NOT there.

Deal with me being in my 30's and much older and a little "life-experience" wiser than you.

You know who you are ladies, let's hope you see this as it's intended. No more fucking angsting over NOTHING and move on already.

*bangs head against a wall*

God stop making me feel old and decrepit already! Get over it!

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