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She's Baaaaack!!!!

Whoa, okay lots and LOTS of news so we will

Okay, I'll go through and give a day by day, blow by blow summary.


Left Visalia at 5:30 a.m. - Drove to Long Beach arrival time 9:30 a.m. ( I made kick ass time *read lead foot)

Glomped stormcloude and then called kelroni and we went to get some lunch (Real Japanese food, I was in withdrawal seeing as I am living in HELL!)

Then we went to Book Off in Costa mesa and I BLEW all my con money on Manga (But it was a hell of a deal, I was going to look for these at the con, but would have NEVER gotten these prices!!!!

I got *ALL* of the Dear Boys Manga (All 23 volumes) and the "Early Days" Dear Boys Gaiden
Get Backers Manga 1-8, 11 (They had No others available in the series, Damn. Stormy said she'd keep an eye out just in case they got stock in for the missing volumes)
E's Otherwise Manga Vol. 1

ALL OF THEM for $1.50 EACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAHOO!!!!! ........... 33 manga books for Approx. $57 including tax.

Can we say...


Then we ran over to Stroud’s and Stormy's bed she wanted and has wanted for YEARS was still there and marked down again.

She bought it!!!

So we went and rented a truck (She drives a Toyota Corolla, Um... not big enough for this bed at all!), and the smallest truck we could get was a huge 15 foot Ryder monstrosity.

Went back to Stroud's, got the bed, took bed back to Stormy's place, returned truck, picked up car, went back to Kelly's to get her and her little one then ran over to the convention center in Anaheim with less than an hour to spare for early pick up of Con badges, went home, took a shower, watched some Yami no Matsuei and DIED!!!!

And somewhere in that BLUR of activity I bought Red Bean ice cream, a whole 1/2 gallon of it and we pigged out!!!! I was in heaven! (I miss that flavor!!!!!!!! *Whine*)


First day of Convention, we hit it fairly early, and it's all sort of a BLUR... went to Panels, ate PB&J in the parking garage for lunch (Brown bagging lunch is sooo much cheaper), ran into Aaron and Bacon (Alex) from Visalia Anime Club there as we were heading out to get into line for SOMETHING, right after Opening Ceremonies. Bill From the Visalia Anime club found us outside in line and was video taping, and for some reason the camera NEVER moved up from chest level on me. *glare* and people wonder why I rarely go to the club. Bill freaks me out man.

(I never went into this before in my LJ on how he called me about a week before con asking for a ride to and from the con and to see if I would room with him. EEEEEEEK! No fucking way! I mean he has at LEAST got 10 years on me age wise if not close to 15, and he's the epitome of "Stinky, nasty, basement dwelling fanboy" if ever I met one. He totally creeps me out, I can't put my finger on just ONE element of "heebie-jeebies" he gives me, there are too many to count.)

Thankfully, Aaron and Bacon were there with me, Stormy and Kelly, and when the offer for Bill to cut in line with us did not come, he took the camera OFF my boobs and went and found his OWN place in back of the GROWING line.

I've no clue what we were standing in line for, I seriously cannot remember!


I never saw Bill at all the rest of the weekend... *WHEW*


Got up early, dyed my hair BRIGHT HOT PINK... Put on my UKE Yaoi-con Baseball jersey, a pair of cut-off short-short jeans, socks and hiking boots, grabbed a long strip of rainbow colored condoms and went to the Con as SHUICHI from Gravitation (I was the only Shuichi there dressed as an artbook version*the one where he is sitting on the desk facing Yuki, with the condoms in his hand and Yuki is grabbing his ass *snerk* picture rather than a series costume, and I was seriously the most comfortable in the HEAT... I think ahead on these things. *GRIN*)

Met Kelly (My TOUMA!!!!!) and drove over to meet herophelia (Kumagorou) and siosan (Ryuichi) and the group of us Gravi Cosplayers hit the con again.

Found out in the Bandai Panel that Wolf's Rain has been licensed for release mid to late 2004, which means sadly we will have to wait until late 2005 to learn how this baby ENDS! *cries*

The GOOD news on that is it will be 30 episodes (The four re-cap episodes 14-18 do NOT count in the 26 episode total, they are bonus filler eps)

Even better WR news, I molested a fanboy.

Ya see, there was this really tall, really HOT looking guy, about 6'4" tall, dressed in leather head to toe, scar on chest... cosplaying Tsume.

I don't think he knew what hit him when a LARGE pink haired fangirl molested him in front of the convention center. All I know is Kelly got pictures of D making a right fool of herself as she attached herself BODILY to hunk-a-chunk-a-burnin'-love-monkey-oh-what-an-ass-wolf-boy!!!! (I wish I were kidding, I think I scarred the boy for life. *CACKLE* Oh, but he was so HOT!)

Saw a Toboe who was really good, and a Darcia (With the JPop looking costume complete with feathered mask) that was IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This costume was just too bloody ACCURATE, the detail had me Drooling.

Then we went to ADV panels, and Kelly (The BITCH!) won the entire first season UNCUT sailor moon subtitled series. all 41 episodes in a box set. (#$#(*$#()*$@()#*@)(#!(@*#@(#@#@*#&*@$*@#&@*#&@*#&(@*#&(@#)

More bad News (sort of for fansub followers) We learned that D.N.Angel is licensed by them (POOP ON A STICK!!!!) and again it will be early 2005 before we see anything NEW for this series after episode 13.

I think it's great we're getting new stuff faster, it's just frustrating to get so hooked and not have a chance to see all the fansub before they have to yank and pull the plug. I'd still buy the damn thing!

Word to the Wise, those of you Downloading GUNDAM SEED get ready, Bandai alluded to it being announced as Licensed for the Otakon!! Not kidding I was in the panel, someone asked and the exact response was "Ask us again at Otakon."

I mean how much more "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" can you get? Get 'em while you can!

Nothing on Get Backers.. YET, but be prepared Pioneer was REALLY pushing it and Last Exile (Gonzo panel was REALLY pushing that one, so that will be licensed SOON!)

Again the day is a BLUR, and I never had my picture taken so many times in my life!!! @____@

Later the same afternoon...night, whatever...

We stop to talk with the USAnime Doujinshi dude... I'm with Kelly and I found a 1xR doujinshi I've NEVER seen. (And I have seen and OWN a LOT of Doujinshi) I hand it to Kelly, she wanted it and asked me to ask him "How much?" since I was closer and it was packed and LOUD around that booth.

He said "2-4 bucks, but for a kiss it's free."

Okay, do not EVER tell me this when I'm BROKE (Hell, even if I'm NOT broke), Because I am so not shy and I never look a gift horse or opportunity in the mouth. (And it wasn't even a DJ I wanted, KELLY wanted it!)

Because the Guy was literally grabbed, glomped, kissed and basically stunned senseless by a pink haired nightmare Amazon woman!

Kelly got the 1xR doujinshi for free by the way. *SNERK*

I got a promise from DJ guy to look for the rest of the "May Fair" series by Pooh Farm for me when he goes to Comiket soon here this summer. And a vow that he'd bring it to Y-con for me if he found my missing volumes. I might have to be his slave for a day if he finds them for me, but damn I love getting stuff under the table and a personal lackey to schlep through Japanese Doujinshi tables at comiket.

I must be a damn good kisser. LOL!


Another Whiz-bang Day.... the four of us (Me, Stormy, Kelly and Karenna (Kelly's 10-year-old Daughter) Met up with windsorblue early in the dealer's room, My foot is really killing me now, the little toe on my right foot sort of curls under my other toes and walking on it all day for 3 days running and it's on FIRE (Still is on Fire actually, I hurt so bad right now.) My back is jacked, but I'm still in the dealer's room!!! MUWHAHAHAH.

Come mid-morning and after another panel I had to sit down at this point while Kelly, Windsor and Stormy continued to Shop.

I sat outside with the little one babysitting, when Oppie and Sio come by dressed, well, let's just say it was fucking scary bondage JPop stuff.

Oppie goes, we'll take pictures with Karenna so you can have a smoke.

I look UP from said smoke to see a terrified looking 10-yr-old, that Oppie has wrapped up in a leash and posing.


I really do NOT think that was a good idea at all. That was too much for a corn fed Midwestern Minnesota raised child. Hell ANY 10 year old!

But it was too late to say anything at this point, the camera had clicked. The rest of the pictures were fine, and Kelly came out a few minutes later to relieve me of unexpected spur of the moment babysitting duty.

Then, another split because I am in pain still and really cannot move around well at all. We watch a showing of "King of Bandit Jing" and split up again...

Ran into Aaron and Bacon in the lobby of the Marriott in my search for a bench for my ass, we found a little conversation nook and I was forced to sit and watch the "YATTA!" music video (Ugly men in fig leaves (ala the Full Monty) singing a god awful tune, MY EYES, MY EYES!!!), then Aaron who has been trying to get me to watch Saikano forever and a day started to play the first episode for me, and in the last five minutes of the episode the laptop battery DIES!!!!!!!!!!!

I proceed to beat him to death with my freebie Pikachu fan reminiscent of Sanzo.

Get up and Go over to the second ADV panel and meet up with the rest of the Hooligans.

Go outside and Run into Leslie (klingonpoo) and some of her friends (I so cannot remember names) but one of them turns out lives in Visalia! (Another resident of HELL!)

and a word of note... I get really embarrassed when people ask "Are you like THE FABLESPINNER who writes fanfic and draws?"

I am the ONLY fablespinner I know of and according to Google Searches, so the answer is "Yes".

And having people go fangirly over me is just fucking weird!!!! I am just some fat chick behind her computer JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, honestly, I'm just D guys. Thanks but please It's like really ODDBALL to have strangers come up to you and go chibi fangirl.

That happened quite a few times too, I am just flabbergasted at it, there are people out there sooooooooooooooo much better than me guys.

I'm beyond flattered, and totally freaked out.

but moving on...

Split up with Windsor (pout, one flipping day, you'd better come to y-con lady!!!) and headed out for FOOD.

Went to a restaurant then dropped off Karenna at Kelly's Mom's and headed back to Stormy's and we watched the Cowboy Bebop Movie and passed out after.


Went to the "Right Stuff" panel early and it was DEAD and the guy running the panel had the personality of a slug! BOOOR-ing!

I stood up and asked "What's the hold up with the GRAVITATION release? It's been a year and a half already."

The answer was "Music licensing, but it's being dubbed now and should be released end of the year with any luck"

So there Gravi fans, now we know what happened to Gravi. It's gonna be soon now, the music (Kotani Kinya and Iceman) were holding it up on us.

Leave panel and go Hit the dealer's room one last time, then we headed out.

Stormy, Kelly and I Watched the First four episodes of "Mirage of Blaze" a really PRETTY Yaoi/Shounen Ai title Media Blasters (GO MEDIA BLASTERS!!!! Lots of Fangirl Stuff headed our way ladies! They like our money apparently, and will service us, muwhahahaha)

After the show/DVD finished, it was just after 5pm and I headed out for home.

And as always, EVERY TIME I VISIT STORMY, coming home there's a fire on the grapevine, so traffic was a bit slow through the mountains, but got home by 9:30 anyway.

Now, it's midnight, I'm tired, this is probably full of errors, but you got the gist of things.... I'm off to bed!


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