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SO it goes I guess.

Not having a good day.

Not at all. Made a comment to a friend, got replied to in a manner that was rather insulting to a DOG'S intelligence.

I Responded, granted I was sarcastic, but I wasn't nasty.

Now it's a mess and everyone is over reacting over the most idiotic of topics.

I'm too old for this juvenile crap and people in general who seem to think walking over other people is "decent behavior".

I'm so glad I am going out of town to visit friends, I need it. I'm poor as dirt, I have $100 to last me 5 days *MEEP*

Must spend $20 on Glucerna power/meal replacement bars before I go and eat those exclusively for the week, because $100 bucks won't even feed me on fast food 3 meals a day.

So to the "gang" I'm visiting, if we go to a restaurant I warn you NOW, don't be embarrassed when I order a diet coke, and whip out my own food from my purse.

It sucks being poor, but you deal with it.

And no offering to foot the bill damn it, no shoving money in my purse ( stormcloude *glare* ), etc... You're all on budgets too dag-nabbit

Hell I'll wait outside if it bugs you, K?

But I am off to finish packing, doing the underwear load of laundry (gotta have clean undies! *grin*), making sure everything is in order, etc...

see ya'll Late Sunday/Monday!

Hoping this Rotten day ends soon and I can get outta here and forget today ever happened.

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