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Gundam Seed 38

Ya know I'm gonna go absolutely SPARE not being able to check for Torrents while at AX Wednesday - Sunday

PLEASE someone, I beg ya... send me e-mails with BT links (like above) if one of these series comes out during my trip.

Weiss Kreuz Gluhen (Ep. 13) (I just need this last one! *pulls hair*)
Gundam Seed (Ep. 39)
Get Backers (Ep. 37)
Saint Beast (Ep. 4)

Wolf's Rain (Ep. 22) (hoping this one comes out tomorrow, EARLY, so I can DL and watch before I go *grin*)
D.N.Angel (Ep. 14)
Dear Boys (Ep. 12)
E's Otherwise (Ep. 13)
Inu Yasha (Ep. 115)
Last EXILE (Ep. 13)
Scrapped Princess (Ep. 12)
Hareluya Boy II (Ep. 3)

I follow a lot ne? And this is seriously DOWN now that a lot of the series I was following have finished their runs. Any suggestions for things to keep my eye on?


I check here for BT (they update around every 15 minutes) I'm really anal about tracking Episodes

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