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I'm stressing!

I'm soooo BUSY!

I'm going to AX this weekend coming up, I'm leaving here 5 am Wednesday to get to LA just around the end of rush hour so I can spend the Day with stormcloude, kelroni,siosan and Duck Killer, Poultry Pulverizer and Mallard Murderess *tease* herophelia.

I am an anal packer, I've been packing shit all weekend, making lists, fighting a migraine, checking off "to do" things before I leave (like reminding dad to dope up my dog on Benedryl on the 4th so he sleeps through the fireworks, he's totally terrified of them), burning fansubs for stormy, and now Kelly e-mails me about me doing my K costume for cosplay...

It's too HOT for my K costume, I won't do long sleeves and a tie in 106 degree heat.

Can we say HEAT STROKE?

Krawd Winchester can stay at home, (the ponytail is a SOB to attach to my mega short hair anyway). Although I might bring the penis squirt gun that scandalized last year's y-con for shits and giggles.

So I already have a Shuichi haircut, all I need is temp pink hair dye (I know where to get that thankfully), my "uke" y-con baseball jersey, cut off jeans, and my knee high black boots and I can pull off that Japanese fan art version of Shuichi sitting on the desk in front of Yuki (who's grabbing his ass) any gravi fans out there have seen this pic *snerk*

That is doable on such SHORT cosplay notice I think.

Oppie needs to do Kumagorou so I can play with her *grin*

Okay herophelia and siosan Where are you both at in WOLF'S RAIN so I can bring you both up to current since I'm burning subs for stormy right now.

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