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Hareluya Boy II (Cue Handel's Hallelujah Chorus whenever boy comes on screen)

This is really funny folks... the premise is simple:

Hareluya (Yes pronounced Hallelujah) is a tough, delinquent teenager. But since his father is none other than God almighty, the rebel act doesn't go down so well. Disappointed in his son's lack of responsibility, the Lord sends Hareluya to Earth as a normal high school student, stripped of his power. Posing as a local priest, God keeps an eye on his son's adventures as Hareluya rights wrongs around the school with two-fisted justice, Love tattooed across the knuckles of each hand.

Slashable first 2 ep's, funny slapstick. It's a 25 episode series and the first 2 eps are fansubbed. go watch and don't be drinking soda or anything while watching.

Episode 1
Episode 2

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