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Back from Patty's which I will elaborate on when I stop hurting. Let's just say I still rock at playing gin rummy, and I think I gave them all a free show at my insanity. I think Oppie (herophelia) was giggling so hard at one point she swallowed her tongue. stormcloude kicked my Ass later a McDonald's... I get a little NUTS when playing cards, my style is off the wall to say the very least. But My back is killing me from the drive and the sitting for hours at a picnic table and sleeping on a couch, I STILL have the headache I woke up with on Sunday, only worse, and I want to curl up in the dark, which is not conducive to reading my copy of HPOotP.... Double Poop.

But a quickie quiz I noticed on stormcloude's LJ


Loves agreeable company (true)
very robust (see also fat True)
knows how to make life comfortable (See robust answer... Sitting on Fat ass True)
very active (Insert cackle here... NOT)
natural (As in naked? I sit in my underwear at my computer, I guess that's close.. oh wait that's a naturalist. *snerk*)
good companion (WOOF)
but seldom friendly (GROWL)
falls easily in love but its passion burns out quickly (Passion? Give me someone to ignite it FIRST then I'll get back to you on the speed of burn out)
gives up easily (Ummmm, partially true, it depends on if it's worth the fight)
many disappointments till it finds its ideal (Still looking for that ideal... whatever)
trustworthy (very true)
practical. (Not at all. Want to be, but tend to be dingy in the head.)

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