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Thanks for the cuts

Thanks for the cuts, sorry I seemed to have pissed you all off, (read here, some very snippy LJ cut line tags out there this morning.. so sorry to put you out folks, but it is courteous and not that fucking hard where you should be so irritated and bitchy about being considerate to other people.) but hey... what MAY NOT BE a SPOILER TO YOU...

a funny quote you JUST HAD TO SHARE, or your own few questions that seem like "Oh this one thing won't spoil the whole book" thoughts... yes, it does for me.

It does for a lot of people and how hard is it to type < lj-cut > < /lj-cut > ?

All of 16 characters.

So sorry to offended you in your excitement to gush... but some of us actually have to WAIT for our copies to arrive in the mail.

So Now, onto other things, I will be out of town until Late Sunday, so if things blow up it's not my fault I wasn't here. ^_^

Seriously if you need me to get back to you on something urgently call me on my Cell Phone, if not I'll answer e-mails Monday.

Have a great Weekend everyone!

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