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I do NOT know how I got this!!!!!

I was trying to pick the Inuiu answers (Since Um, that is technically ME in the story in the first place!!!)

The only answer that I gave that could have been Quatre was the Blonde Hair one, cause well I do have blonde hair.
Go figure, but I must say... having Trowa hot for my ass is a GOOD, GOOD THING!

Even if in reality, I'm the guy talking really loud and delivering love notes (sort of) for Trowa! *GRIN*

Congratulations! You are Katrah-en (Quatre), the
Prince of Nekheb. You're arrogant and pushy,
but there might be a gleam of humanity beneath
your oh-so hot exterior.

Which 'Prince of Nekheb' Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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