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Piccy Time

Heh heh, here's a rough, ROUGH sketch of the Very end of "Deserve Better" and the One I'm working on from Quatre's POV "Much Better"

"Final Scene for Both Fics Rough Sketch"

I was gonna stick a little chibi of Quatre's (Ex)Boyfriend in the upper right corner, but I think that would be overkill.

Note the little key fob on Quatre's Car keys.. *snerk*

I have a little SD Heavyarms on mine... heh heh

Couldn't resist.

Note, I *HAD* a fucking helluva time tonight with Quatre's body positioning for some reason. I HAD to get that ass in the shot since Trowa comments on that ass so often in the story.

Love a man with a tight tush! Oh YEAH!

And drawing hands in jean pockets are a son-of-a-bitch boy howdy!

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