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"Sigil" Book Review

Eh, it's what I said it was, and what it claims, a collection of former fic writers, and 9 decent fics.

Nothing outstanding really.

The LAST story "Persephone Ascending" by Ronda has promise, but not as a short story.

It moved too fast, like she was just giving you excerpts from a larger work in her head almost. And it just sort of Ends...

It could be great if it had a novel length to be detailed. As it stands it just leaves you going "Huh?"

I've read better writers on the Major ML's ... HELL I have dear, dear friends who write much better.

The preface claims it was inspired by Yaoi and Slash writers who prefer that genre's m/m relationships as opposed to Gay Writing.

HOWEVER, the male writers who contributed to this have no concept of the differences between yaoi/slash and Gay writing.

While their contributions we on par with the rest of the book writing wise.

They are gay writing, men writing for other men and skirting porn.

In some cases not skirting at all.

"His throbbing, hot love pole" was used by one of these male writers... I had to laugh.

And he wrote this in all seriousness. I think.

He used all the trashiest, most "Gay Porn" stereotypical references I have ever come across (And I obviously read a lot).

I think Jan toxictattoo would have had a hernia laughing. We've had this discussion quite a few times over the differences between the genders and genre's. Yaoi / Slash / Gay Porn are separate entities and should not mix company, when the preface states it's Yaoi/Slash, there is a certain expectation of writing.

Just as Gay Porn, if I want to read that, I don't want Yaoi, and vice versa, so forth and so on.

Slash can go either way, it's sort of the middle ground between the two. In my lame definition.

All is good, all is different, but moving right along...

The Book "Sigil": Good, not great, but good.

If you want fast toilet reading material, this is your book.

Don't we all read in the Loo?

/End Book Commentary

Begin Other stuff/

Off Topic Side note: I got the hair done today, and GOD I LOVE CHRISTINE (My hair dresser) she'll make you come washing your hair. I'm not kidding.


Scrub, and head massage... unnnnnnnnnnnnn. All that Scratching and rubbing until your head tingles first then she deep massages the conditioner in... Ahhhhhhhhh.

I'd do her. Oh yeah. Just keep on with the magic hands BABY. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I needed it after today at work, it sucks when co-workers get fired mid-morning. You have that oppressive atmosphere hanging around all day, and I was so tense, I had to visit Christine after work. I needed that relaxation big time.

Ugh. Poor Maxine, I hate watching people leave in tears when you have no time to say goodbye and give them that last sympathetic hug and your phone number so they can purge later.

Nothing, wham GONE.

It sucks.

On the flip side of course is the JOY, that is WAS NOT YOU.

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