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Ethics and Downloads

This site is HIGHLY disturbing.

I know there was a stink about AnimeJunkies over 5 episodes of Ninja Scroll.

I think AnimeJunkies is guilty of nothing more than a mistake and a little bad judgment. It's five episodes folks, big deal the timing and cancellation of release overlapped by 3 days. Not going to destroy the world, honestly.


Are distributing LISCENSED ANIME Today’s Releases
Outlaw Star Episodes 11 - 15 XVid
Rurouni Kenshin Episodes 89-91 Dual Audio OGM
Spriggan Dual Audio OGM
Hack Sign Episodes 6-10 AHQ
Hellsing Episode 13 DivX 5 OGM
Outlaw Star Episodes 5 - 10 XVid OGM

Um... HELLO!!!???

I OWN Those DVD RELEASES and Have owned them for 6 months or more. (Well some of them, but that's not the point, I have seen these in the store for sales for a long time now!)

They are ripping DVD’s folks, NOT KOSHER. THIS is their disclaimer, it's fucking PITIFUL!

By using this BitTorrent service you must agree to the following terms: You have the original episodes or movies that you are downloading. If you do not have the original episode/movie you are downloading, than they must be deleted off your computer within 24 hours. None off these episodes/movies may be sold to or by you. AnimeHQ and its webhosts/ webmaster/ owner/ staff/ sponsors will not be responsible for your actions. We are not liable for any/all damage done to your system/computer. AnimeHQ is not liable for actions taken towards you. No files on this site may be linked to directly.

BitTorrent is a p2p software that allows users downloading the same file to help in the distribution by uploading the parts they have already downloaded, increasing the available bandwidth. To be able to download these files, a bittorrent client is needed. Bittorrent clients can be found on the BitTorrent Homepage as well as a third party client that allows the control of upload speed HERE . After downloading and installing the client, download a .torrent file by clicking on an episode above, select a directory to save to and the download should start. For resuming downloads, just save to the same place. The Statistics above show the number of current seeds and clients. Seeds are clients that have already completed the download, but have remained open, uploading the files, while clients are those who are still downloading.

Bandwidth readings above may be inaccurate, dependent on the tracker updating its values.

Please Leave the Bittorrent Client open after you've finished downloading for as long as you can to help in distribution by acting as a seed. Bittorrent will not work well unless everyone helps out. This will not hinder you from viewing the episode.


I'm just shocked, really.

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