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Fish Monster?

*sigh* Figures
My Monster Name
Deep One

Deep Ones are a horrible crossbreed of human and fish-monster. Many Deep One’s work in the Innsmouth tourist board where they run the Father Dagon and Mother Hydra theme park. It has cool water slides.

The Levenshtein distance between The Fablespinner and Deep One is 7.
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Then Try it with just "D" and get:
My Monster Name

Hah! You match with the infamous orc! In Tolkien’s world the orcs were created from elves the Dark Lord had corrupted. In other worlds orcs evolved from pigs as mankind evolved from apes – that explains those snouts. Orcs are cool, no, really, they rock; orcs have a no nonsense, up front, and effective problem solving outlook on life. Smash!

The Levenshtein distance between D and Orc is 2.
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I'm an icky monster no matter how ya slice it.

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