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donnie osmond

Your Daddy is Donnie Osmond!

It’s the wholesome-looking ones who smile all the time that hide their Master streak.

Who's *Your* Daddy?

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I'm a Little bit Rock and ROLL! cum on Donnie, cum to me in nothing but your purple socks.
Should I mention that I had a HUGE crush on him in the 70's (Hell, he's still cute, I'd do him), and that people my age will be the only ones to get the purple sock reference?

never laid

Do You Ever Get Laid?

You think more about sex than actually doing it.

You wish you were gay.

You wish you were straight.

You wish your dick was wet.

Now go do something about it :-)

Busted! Are You Gay?

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vanilla condom

You Are A Vanilla Flavored Condom!

Yummy and easygoing - unless it comes to kinky sex.

You innocently seek romance and are often lured into compromising positions.

You're the most likely of all flavors to be a virgin.

What Flavor Condom Are *You*?

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