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Just spent all day pool side at a friends House.

Between her 4 year old Love bug, Chloe, I had clinging to me all day (I could EAT her, she's so fucking cute, with the best set of chipmunk cheeks ever.) Her 8 year old son Jonathon who had me drawing flipping Pokemon characters all day, and the 13 year old Friend of Jonathon’s, a Boy named Gundar from Iceland (with the fetish of wanting to rub sun block on my back all day. O_o.... see me in 10 years kiddo, I'm not into shota. But in 10 years you'll be just right cute 'lil Nordic blonde.)

It was just weird, it was like, Honestly Gundar, I can't possible absorb any more sun block.

"But I meessed Spot" (Yes he had the accent and his voice was changing too)

"No honey, you missed nothing"

I should not have let him get on my shoulders for a game of chicken, the rest of the day until his mother came to get him I had an Icelandic growth hanging off me.

Why can't I get Nordic MEN, like say...ZECHS hanging off me?

Murphy's Law.

But I'm pink and I had enough sun block (Courtesy of Gundar) to prevent an albino from burning on the sun slathered on me. Go figure.

But anyhoo, that's my day, and now some Bit Torrents:

Scrapped Princess 8

D.N.Angel 9

and Updated stats...

caerfree 106%
suzume_sparrow 106%
shdlm 106%
vampyric_angel 102%
quatre2143 102%
ladymako71 102%
allslashedout 102%
petermaxwell 99%
siosan 98%
nemesisnomiko 98%
durberville 97%
ashkitty 95%
stormcloude 95%
billion_dlr_boy 95%
spubba 91%
arbaasanruth 91%
rhinahime 91%
windtear 87%
sentairick 85%
ponderosa121 84%
beechan2 82%
lrodell 82%
eternalwind 79%
raighne 77%
arana_suteshi 77%
pipmudturtle 74%
ladyorla 68%
ammonium 61%
seidoo_ryuu 59%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn!!!! Caer, Stacy, and Suzume! Foursome? *waggles eyebrows*

Hentai's UNITE!

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