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I don't know why I bother

I'm ALWAYS Quatre, no cheating either.

swiped from just_ruth

Quatre Banner
You are Quatre Raberba Winner.
People think you're an innocent weenie. Ha! That
fact is you were raised to be unfailingly
polite, because you are heir of a prestigious
family. You travel around with forty men.
You've learned a lot from them; in truth you
are the leader of this team and you have balls.
Big ones. You know what you want and you get

Which Gundam Wing Pilot would you be? (the stupid question one.)
brought to you by Quizilla

And if I'm hiding from the world, I'm in PMS mode.

I am mega bitchy and prone to bite heads off in my current hormonally out of whack disposition.

Always just before the monthly visitor I turn into supertrollbitch. I get fucking pimples (I'm 32 damn it! and PIMPLES!), and even the ice cream I made today hasn't improved my mood. GAH

I need to lose myself in anime, that's a good idea.

Disgruntled for no reason...

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