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Kaiser you SLUT!

Heeee. Well I was talking to Bee-chan (beechan2) a WHILE ago about our dogs.

My German Shepard KAISER
and her Black Lab SNICKERS

and well the conversation we had about their respective doggie quirks we'll probably guarantee us a one way ticket to hell. Let's just say it started out fine and ended with "The adventures of Nick and Kai" Yaoi boi's with Kaiser (as is his nature) being the total UKE BITCH BOI.

And Bee, wonderful sick Bee. Drew Both Snickers and Kaiser.

Kaiser is finished.... he's HERE

Heap praises on Bee cause she took these BAD piccies and made the above anthro out of them.

The REAL Kaiser

4 days old
4 weeks old
8 weeks old
9 weeks old
5 months old (1)
5 months old (2)
3 years old

He's 5 now, but I can't seem to find any more recent pics.

But go, look at Bee-chan's hilarious capture of Kaiser's personality. She fucking nailed it!

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