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Next Book Up for Review: "Sigil"

"Sigil" By Colin Dunne and Jan Kafka

I found this in a search again for Gay Fiction and the back of this one says:

"Here be dragons. Or rather, centaurs, wizards, vampires, elves and comely mortal men pledging troth to other mortal (and immortal) men. Here be sigils and soul swords and Shakespeare himself. Sorcery indeed. Here be nine original tales of men and magic from nine writers about to make their own mark in the realm of fantasy and science fiction."

Oh yeah, right up my alley I think. Gimme fantasy/sci fi and I'm a happy gal. Gimme Fantasy/Sci Fi with Boy on Boy love interests.... I'm an EXTREMELY happy girl.

I'm a yaoi slut, I readily admit it.

So It's back out to smoke and read and I'll review as always!

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