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I am surrounded by idiots....

Okay there is a thread on one of my ML's that make me want to bash my head against a rock until I die.


Since when have people stopped using their brains?

the "reasoning" (and I use this term loosely) they are giving to justify the thread topic astound me.

So and So is this because they are "nothing"

So and So is this cause So and So likes "pink" and "pink is Icky"

I am not making this up, GOD how I wish I was.

windtear I know you're reading this thread too. Are you as dismayed at the List's general intelligence as I am?

Where did all the smart people go?

Einstein as LEFT the Building.

Hell at this Point I'd welcome Roseanne BARR (or Arnold or whatever her last name is now) for some topics to discuss that DON'T make me wish to commit seppuku!!!!

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