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Final Review "Kirith Kirin"

2.5 days and 556 pages later.... Whoa. Worth every second and every word. I am still in a state of detachment, the ending in a word is bittersweet if you stop to ponder ALL the implications, innuendos, and what is left unsaid for you to think about later.

This was deep, it was moving, it was confusing at points, maddening at others, it takes you the full gamut of emotions.

The last appendix in the book is yet another question in and of itself, and I will not spoil it for readers of this book, but make sure when the story ends you read all 50 pages of footnotes. The last three of those pages will blow you away.

On a scale of one to ten, I recommend this book at an eleven.

It was that good. One I will read over and over and that does not happen often. I remember books too well and usually have no desire to re-read things unless I really liked them. I'll remember this one too, but even when I know what is coming, it will be worth additional reading.

"Kirith Kirin"
by Jim Grimsley
ISBN 1-892065-16-9

A gem in any library.


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