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Quiz Time and More Bit Torrent

You are Mrs. Wormwood. Currently on four packs a
day with as much aspirin as possible, you find
yourself so jittery that you can barely handle
your regular students let alone Calvin. You
should know by now that sending him to the
principal's office does absolutely nothing to
change his behavior so you might as well let
him play outside all day. Another
thing...change that damn polka dotted mumu
already! it's starting to mold!

Which Calvin and Hobbes character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

D.N.ANGEL 7</font>


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in the age of greed, you dominated it all.
you had the attitude, the money, and oh yes, the clothes.
how easy can it be to look red-hot in white jeans?, about as easy as solving the rubik’s cube.
still, you acomplished this great feat and didn’t even get your member’s only jacket dirty.

How off is this? I was a fat chick then too, no fucking WAY I'd wear white jeans!!!! Gimme my Stonewashed Relaxed riders (complete with all my friends handwriting on them and bleach spots, put there on purpose!), my gazillion black and multicolored rubber o-ring bracelets up to my fucking elbow, my hair that defied gravity (At least the bangs, ode to aqua net), my ankle high black wrestling boots that we painted all sorts of stupid pictures and words on, and one of those wild patterned overly HUGE shirts that blinded people, maybe a tie, or something if it had a collar, and my HATS don't forget the beret's and the spandau ballet type hat (Forget wtf they were called) and those Andy Capp style, button down front caps.


the internet junk 'how dumb are you test' deems me:
25% dumb!


<table bgcolor="#CBD2F3" width="200" border="1" bordercolor="#000000" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><td>overall you are not dumb, you are extremely focused and live your life by a plan, though others might see your single-mindedness as a dumb attitude</td>

Cool, not too stupid. Just don't call me a geek, I'll have to kick your ass.

And I bow low to the omnipotnent being durberville the anal attentive Mistress of the UNIVERSE!!!

the internet junk 'how bad are you test' deems me:
44% bad!

<table bgcolor="#CBD2F3" width="279" border="1" bordercolor="#000000" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><td>Your tendency is to do good. But once in awhile your Bad Self takes takes over. You have lots of friends and generaly get along with everyone. Overall you are a Tom Hanks meets Stephen King kind of character.</td>

Dana is as Dana Does....

the internet junk slacker test deems me:
80% slacker

<table bgcolor="#CBD2F3" width="279" border="1" bordercolor="#000000" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><td>your clothes are properly folded, hung up and put away. you watch tv in moderation. you like to visit with friends but also like a little alone time as well. you tend to change clothes frequently and you definitely wash your hands after a visit to the toilet! </td>

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Careful! You are Almost

boy.. It seems that you have a taste for RC cola and moon pies. I
wouldn't be surprised to see you clothes-shopping at the local wallmart,
and screaming at the top of your redneck lungs at the tri-monthly
tractor pull. Though it's hoped that you will recover and come back
to the light, it looks like your deviance from the good and healthy
aspects of normal life have disappeared..

ANd what's sadder? I instantly recognized the Duke brothers on those t-shirts!!!


but, Ya'll knew I was a hick. *GRIN*

And WHAT'S WRONG WITH MOON PIES??? I love those things damn it!

Bad, Just BAD!

The Fablespinner, from this day forward,

your Porn Star name shall be....
Gizmo Killer McBash Hammond

The Fablespinner, from this day forward,

your Star Wars name shall be....

SanDa MuHam

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The Fablespinner
from this day forward your redneck name will be:


I know a Petunia Mae damn it!!! (not Kidding)


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Dana Sanders
from this day forward your Wu-Tang Clan name will be:


Alright I wasted enough time. Damn you LORENA!!!

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