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OOOOH Clay!!!!

Clay Aiken you are *MY* American Idol BOY.

I want to have your babies!

I don't necessarily need you, I wouldn’t mind hearing you sing in my shower however.

But I do want your offspring just so in 18 years I can look at my boy and say "Sing for Mama!!!!"


Not only has he been beautifully consistent all the way through this competition, not only did he grow each week as a performer by LEAPS AND BOUNDS, not only does he have IMMACULATE PITCH, but tonight that boy made me cream my pants!

He sang my favorite song of all time.


Unchained Melody

I didn't care for the arrangement he did (I blame the vocal coordinator there), but oh MAMA CLAY!

THAT BOY CAN SING! and when he hit the high note, God make me SWOOOOOOOON!

He'd better fucking record that song on his first album.

(Not like I won't be standing in line to buy the thing anyway when it hits the shelves.)

I haven't been this in awe of a vocalist with such overwhelming TALENT since I was in college and my classmate Derek (Who sang pretty much just like Clay) floored me with his "Jesus" to my "Mary Magdalene" in "Jesus Christ Superstar".

I must admit however, I am extremely biased. I adore Tenors with that clarity of tone. Not operatic tenors, I'm talking bell-like tone, unwavering pitch, and powerhouse ranges. Crystal clear, ring a bell, make me weak in the knees tenors.

Baby Clay, you got it, and that's the music teacher in me SINGING your praises, not the fangirl side of me (Which you get all gooey too.)

No matter what, he's dialed, he will be a star. I know damn well when Neil Sedaka said and I quote "I want to write the songs for your first album" (and he said this and I jumped for joy) That boy has a contract waiting for him and Neil is writing.

Oh man, I'm salivating thinking of the prospect and potential that record has.

I want the competition OVER so Clay can get his skinny little ass into the recording studio.

Other topics, Live Journal is Satan. Been trying to post this for hours now!!!!

And FractalForge (An EARLY, EARLY, Dark Ages of GW Fandom, 3x4 Author who has disappeared off the internet going on 3 years now...) Once wrote an article that is one of those things you never forget reading once you read it, and I read it again just a few moments ago and had to share the link. It's really profound. Especially considering the boy was about 17 years old, if not a year or two younger when he wrote this... I know he was still in high school when this was written in late 2000 early 2001.

READ "The Empty Sofa Effect"

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