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HA! HA! HA! HA! Riiiiiiiight.

I get the Bad Boy WANNABES!!!! Even married one. The Fucker.

father figures

You Attract Bad Boys!

You're a bad girl, at least you'd like to think so.
(I don't think so.!!! I KNOW SO *smirk*)
So it's not surprising to find you on the back of some guy's Harley...
(Been there, done that)
At 3 am, fresh from a club, going to his place to continue the night.
(Ick, don't do clubs, they suck)

You demand little from men - besides continual entertainment - so you attract Bad Boys by the dozens.
(Dozens? WHERE? I've had two in my whole life and BOTH were LOSERS!!!!!)
And being that you're such a bad girl, chances are you'll break his heart before he breaks yours.
(Riiiiiight. Uh huh. 8 years there and who left? He did. I'm not the one who breaks commitments Damn it. I'm not that bad)
Sure he won't admit it, but his two week coke binge will tell you all you need to know.
(If Drugs had been the problem at least it would have been mendible. He was an Asshole NATURALLY!)

Relish the very good times you have with your very Bad Boy - knowing that they probably won't cross the two week mark.

Never give him money, never ride without a helmet, and never let his even badder ex know where you live.

(Sage advice. Better yet... My track record SUCKS. Just don't date ANYONE ever again. There problem solved!)

What Kind of Guy Do *You* Attract?

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