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Well what a day.....

Too annoyed to cut... deal

About 17 years ago, we almost lost my Dad. He died for 11 minutes on the operating table.
The cause of the operation is a genetic problem I have inherited from my dad. Those of you who have EVER eaten in my company know somewhat the problem that gives eating my Dad and I nothing but severe GRIEF.

We have a serious problem with our esophagus. It "Bottlenecks". What is that?

That's your food pipe. Both my Dad and I have abnormally SMALL pipes and they "Pinch" almost closed in places. Making swallowing EXTREMELY difficult.

We aren't choking persay, our air-ways aren't obstructed, but the food starts to go down and then just STOPS.

And sits there, and sits there, and sits there. And we struggle to swallow, all to no good, and No amount of liquid (Which we have to GUZZLE to eat normally) will flush it down.

And in some cases the food is so stuck, that suddenly that drink you just took to wash it down is now in your throat and can’t move past the food in the way. So now that pipe from chest to mouth is FULL. A sensation to feel that is beyond my capacity to describe it where it makes any sense.

Only one way left to clear it... Excuse yourself from the table and go throw up.

I must have to voluntarily and at will throw up food at least once per meal.

Gross huh?

Yes it is, and there is not a damn thing we can do about it either. I've had RICE get stuck. No, I'm not exaggerating that either. Mako remembers an incident with Rice on her last visit here and she got the full experience of my problem.

It's not that I don't already take obscenely small bites and chew until it's MUSH, I do, I HAVE TO.

So does Dad.

The trouble is, when we both have to throw up as much as we do, that pipe gets really weak from the abuse and 17 years ago, Dad's ruptured, separated from his stomach lining, and all his food and stomach acid was free floating in his body. They had to flush every tissue in his body free of Spaghetti and Marinara sauce and the more corrosive digestive acids.

9 hours worth of surgery and he died for 11 minutes during it.

I have this horrible FEAR, because I am worse than my Dad, my pipe is even smaller.

Now add to that fact I cannot chew anything right now due to my teeth, or more accurately, lack thereof.

Up that fear factor.

We took Mom to Olive Garden today for mother's day.

I ate half of a breadstick. I dare not even TRY to eat in a restaurant right now. I'd be in the bathroom throwing up after ever bite and people would think I was this super bulimic or something. Not to mention in public it's just humiliating and damn near mortifying!!

Um excuse me FULL woman's room... but clear a stall or I throw up on you.

Waiting to barf is TORTURE!!!.... Having a LINE of women hear you and gross out then have to face those "looks of disgust" on their faces when you walk out...

NO THANK YOU. I'll just have water and a tiny piece of soft bread.

I don't do restaurants!

I mean anything I eat right now at home other than cream soup (NO CHUNKS) or Broth soup ends up in the toilet. I might was well save time and just toss my meal and flush it to save time for all I can eat of it.

Back to my Dad. Now, the man does not learn. He takes too much food per bite and he also has no molars (He had them pulled 30 years ago, so he's been gumming his food a long time) but he is in a rush most of the time.

That's his problem, he's sort of a glutton and eats too fast for our shared condition.

Sure enough, he's in the bathroom for the second time during our meal to clear the pipe, when he comes back pretty shaken to the table.

Something ripped, and there was blood when he yakked.

So we pay FAST and rush out, (We are an hour from home mind you.) He refuses to go to a Hospital in Fresno, so we drive all the way back home to go to the hospital in town.

THANKFULLY, unlike the last time he hasn't blown up like a basketball about to burst, so we know his stomach is still intact unlike last time where the pipe SEPARATED from the stomach lining.

But they are admitting him to the hospital tonight anyway, just in case.

There is quite a lot of blood in his stomach, so he did do some damage.

Only problem is, it happens all the time, we cannot help it, no surgery will cure it, we're stuck.

I too have had instances where there is blood in there too.

God, how morbid a post. How FUCKED UP!!!

Is there a return desk for bodies?

I'd actually like one that WORKS.

I'm asthmatic, diabetic, I can't have kids, I have this bad food pipe...

WHY THE HELL AM I SO FAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

With as little as I can actually *EAT* you'd think I'd be TWIGGY

But nooooo! Add the metabolism of a SLUG in there for good measure.

Dad is fine, just woozy. He's getting X-rays then is gonna be in overnight for observation.
I'm sitting here frustrated with the whole damn mess and wondering WTF.

I'm afraid to tempt fate and ask "what else"?

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