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Where Were You?

Taken from jo_mako

The "Where Were You?" Questionnaire
Where Were You When:

1. When John F. Kennedy was shot (11/22/1963)
I wasn't born yet

2. When Mt. St. Helens blew (5/18/1980)
In Fifth Grade, and I still have my little bottle of Ash from this eruption somewhere. I was very fascinated by it, and it killed my Asthma, even being 2000 miles away in Indiana. I was hospitalized for about a week on oxygen.

3. When the space shuttle Challenger exploded (1/28/1986)
In High School, watching it on TV in the Choir Room. I will never forget this, ever. I saw it happen live.

4. When the 7.1 earthquake hit San Francisco (10/7/1989)
In College in Chicago, Illinois. We saw the news in the Women's Lounge TV

5. When the Berlin Wall fell (11/7/1989)
In the Same Place as above. The women's lounge was the only place we could smoke AND watch TV. I spent a lot of time in that Bathroom. Yet, it was also the women's bathroom. LOL We rejoiced, we played cards, we smoked, life was good all around.

6. When the Gulf War began (1/16/1991)
Panicked, Sill in College. I was engaged to a Man in the Navy at this time, and he was one of the first to be sent over. He was a Seabee and it's their job to go in and build bases for personnel. So I was utterly terrified. And LIVED in the Women's lounge with Bill. (Yes the guys came in too.) Bill had JUST left the Marines on a G.I. Education bill so was still in the reserves. We were both afraid he'd be called into active duty (Which he was). Scary, very scary.

7. When OJ Simpson was chased in his White Bronco (6/17/1994)
I'd been married all of 13 days, and my husband and I sat there going, "WTF? You can't be serious?" It was a joke right from the beginning. They just should have shot him, it would have saved us all from the judicial circus that came after.

8. When the building in Oklahoma City was bombed (4/19/1995)
Watching the news before work, baffled.

9. When Princess Di was killed (8/31/1997)
Not KILLED, that implies murder to me. She was in a fatal car accident. Different. And What I felt? PISSED OFF. Why? Cause Mother Theresa Died the same week (The Day after I believe) and nobody gave HER the proper respect she deserved over some fucking two bit princess. I never liked Diana. I had much more respect for Mother Theresa whose passing should have been better mourned.

10. When Bush was first announced President (11/7/2000)
I give a shit, I hated both candidates, they're both pussies to me.

11. When the 6.8 earthquake hit Nisqually, WA (2/28/2001)
Whoa, probably on-line cause this is news to me at the moment. O.o, Unless this was the event that had me calling ashkitty from work in a panic. I remember having to call her for something urgently because of some disaster, that had me worried about her, and she wasn't home so I called petermaxwell and he WAS HOME in Arizona so I had him keep calling her since I was at work. I found out later when she called me that her cat was hiding under the car but she was fine. Was this that quake Ash? LOL

12. When terrorists knocked over the World Trade Center (9/11/2001)
Watching to morning news in horror. I got out of bed less than a minute after the first plane hit, my husband got me out of bed, and we both watched the second plane hit. Stunned, simple stunned. We set a TV up in my office at work and all of us sat and watched the news all day long. What a horrific day. I send e-mails to all my friends and family in the NEW YORK area and chewed nails until everyone got to check in.


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