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Spiral 24

You are the Completely Mindless Racial Pinup
You are the Completely Mindless Racial Fear Pinup

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Stop your random wall-
painting/car-sitting/trash can loitering and
gaze upon the unimpressive wonder that is two
racially-twisted anime freaks dating! I am
assuming that is the big deal since Seiji and
Luna seem to be paying no mind at all to the
huge lava flow that is scaring the shite out of
the rest of the group. But there's no need to
rally, folks. After all, Luna is about as
African-American as Seiji is Japanese. Let's
focus on something else, shall we? Like Mia's
even more senseless white thigh-highs or the
fact that the street is a checkerboard.

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