D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Believe in Yourself: A Lesson Finally Learned

I was Just sent an e-mail from my University. Apparently I’m also being inducted into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society http://www.alphasigmalambda.org/ (I was inducted into the Golden Key International Honours Society last Fall.http://www.goldenkey.org/about-us/overview/ ) I didn’t know you could be a member of all the honor societies within a University, I appear to have assumed incorrectly. A 4.0 GPA pays off apparently. Oh and I made the Dean’s list so far every quarter since I started school again. I got that notification today too. WHOO HOO. I really should have applied myself better in High School academically. But my self-esteem was so shitty, I thought I was stupid and the only talent I had was singing and even then I always doubted myself. Even after my singing landed me scholarship to VanderCook College of Music, I was still insecure and never truly believed in myself. Well I proved to myself at last that I am better than what the bullies made me believe in school. I feel quite good knowing I had this potential all along, but also sad I didn’t see it younger. Believe in yourself.

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