D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Me? A Scholar? With Honours? You Betcha!!!

I just drove to Cincinnati and back (about 350 Miles round trip) to take my Niece back home for a while, she needs to tie up some loose ends and get all her "ducks in a row" so she can come back to live with me on a more semi-permanent basis. We've had some major financial crises come up these past two weeks, our employee wrecked our 2012 Yaris and totalled it, so yeah, OUCH on the purse strings and we're now down a delivery vehicle and driver at the office. We got lucky to make our personal mortgage this month due to the incident. It broke my heart to have to take my baby girl home, but until she can drive, I can't drive her around looking for work and she needs to learn how to drive and I just can't have time to teach her now.

Anyway... A little good news... So I get home, I'm tired and a little sad. I just took my pain killer (cause my tailbone is on FIRE after that sort of long haul drive) and have a nice shot of Southern Comfort and Coke to wash it down with (And speed up the workings!) and I am floored. I just got an e-mail invitation from my University to be inducted as a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society. It's like a really big deal apparently. I'll get more information by mail, but the President and Dean of the University e-mailed me personally about it as a "Heads Up". I have like the highest GPA in the school collectively.

ME. The lazy bum teenager once upon a time that never did her homework because she was freaking bored and didn't care about academics. (I only cared about Music in those days)... Me the Miss C-Average girl who always aced her tests but got C's because she never turned in shit, like ever... What a 180 I've done since then. I had an IQ of 165 at 18, I wonder what it is now. It's amazing when I actually do all the work and apply myself 100% I can maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA. So I got a personal congratulations from the President and an invitation to be inducted into this International Honours Society.

Holy Crap.

I feel kind of proud of myself for a change. That's a nice stroke to the self-esteem and ye olde ego.

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