D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

First of the 'Maters....

True to form, my first few tomatoes never get a chance to get anywhere near yellow let alone red before I pluck them off the bush and fry them up green and delicious. No one makes better Fried Green Tomatoes than I do, Sorry, I am not the best cook on the planet, but I can cook the shit out of tomatoes dag nabbit! No limp, greasy 'maters from me! Crispy and yummy only.
I Fried up the first four tomatoes, with stuffed green peppers, mashed potatoes and fresh Cucumbers off my Vines for dinner.
Oh yes I am burping Veggies and loving it. I'm out watering them damn bushes every few hours to keep them alive. This heat wave is just sucking the life out of my succulent plants.
My Cucumbers want to wilt every three hours. (Cucumbers are not easy to keep alive, especially in heat waves or stormy summers, so far BOTH....)
I'm getting short and fat cucumbers but they taste good.
I'm worry about my apple trees I planted this spring. They are looking droopy. The peach trees are looking good, but the apple trees are being persnickety! 
I'm glad I didn't plant Carolina runner green beans or corn this year, they'd be dead vines in this summer weather. 
Tags: food, garden, noms

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