D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Being a Grown Up really SUCKS sometimes

This was one of those days you wish you could be a KID again and not have to deal with "Grown-Up" stuff.
Day starts off 6 fucking oclock in the morning, my cousin Tanya calls, think of the most miserable, depressing person you have ever met, on so many medications she sounds like a drunk after about 15 CASES of beer. I only half understand what she's mumbling about, I was asleep myself in my own drug haze until my phone goes off. She's is, of course, asking for money. *sigh*
7 AM Take Cookie to the Vet for an ear swab, they want to run a culture, another $61.00 and we still don;t know why he's losing the hair JUST ON HIS EARS. we can't find any cause or mites or anything. Now Needy has it. So the ear drops are a start.
8AM Call AT&T to bitch, The land line that was supposed to be WORKING MONDAY is still not working. They say they will send someone out to look at the line again. Fine.
8:15 AM Oh yay! I might get a couple hours of sleep, I hadn't slept but maybe and hour before Tanya called, and the people I have coming over to fix things aren't due until 2 PM! SUPER
8:30  - Diarhhea Hits
9:00 - Imodium AD finally works, lay down
9:15 The phone calls start. The Heating and Cooliing guy finally got the mother board part in for my system we've been waiting for, for DOGS AGES he wants to come over now and install it. *sigh* OKAY (I need a slew of meme faces in this post.)
9:15-12:00 It's like who let the fucking DOGS OUT around here. Heating guy in and out, the pool guys are FINALLY getting my pool prepped for summer. It was supposed to be FINISHED by Memorial Day weekend. Gee 3 weeks overdue. No problem! Cell phone ringing off the hook.
1:00 - Tanya calls again (I'm used to this Tanya calls me 18  million times a day to tell me no one loves her, she's a sympathy seeker. It's her modus operandi. I just put her on speaker and let her yammer on and go "uh-huh" every few minutes. She needs help, but won't GET IT. I am so close to writing Dr. Phil it isn't funny.
2:00 - Internet Tech Guy show up for my upgrade. WHAT A NIGHTMARE it's worse than ever my internet and it's not this tech guys fault he was here like 4 hours trying to get this shit working.
3:00 - My Pest Control guy shows up for the monthly spray and he's mad that I have too many spiders outside. He's in a never ending fight with my spiders apparently, they are his nemesis. But I love him, we talk sci-fi and he was like "OMG SUPERNATURAL ENDING! I wanted to call you! WTH?!?!? Cas Waddyer you doing poofing out and leaving Dean alone in Purgatory? He can't poof like you!!!!" Then I had to break the news to him Terra Nova was cancelled. We mourned a little together.
4:00 - Get VOICE MAIL from AT&T guy, he says it's fixed. I go pick up the land line. NOPE no dial tone. I call him back. "Lady I only bring the line to the house. You have to call installation." I DID YOU FUCKTARD! I TOLD THEM 1.) when I ordered the landline that the jack would need to be checked, there is only one in this house and this is an older house. 2.) They failed to check it and sent the guy to just connect line to the house then apparently leave. 3.) I call and again tell them the PHONE NO WORKY, I THINK JACKY IS BADDY 4.) Guy comes again then leaves, then leaves that voice mail.... 5.) AT&T is going to hate me in the morning. I am biting heads off like Ozzy Osbourne in the A of M.
5:00 - Hubby home, looks like truck ran him over. He's coming down with a cold. The Car dealership  calls to confirm my 30,000 mile maint tomorrow. I confirm. 
6:00 - THe internet guy is crying. He hates insight's new router/modem integrated box, it works for SHIT.
7:00 - We get spotty internet. I send off scathing e-mail to insight support about what I think of their UPGRADE and where they can shove it frankly.
8:00 - Fuck it I am ordering PIZZA I have not had a good day and it's been up and down stairs all freaking day and on the phone.
8:15 - Phone again... GUESS WHO!? Tanya. SHe's so drugged up I can't understand a word, I hear her hubby (And let me tell you after 21 years of marriage to my cousin I am surprised he is still around. He's GOT to love her because that man goes through HELL daily.) I have Tanya put Verlin on the phone I ask "What the hell is she saying?" And I can tell in his voice he's at his wits END.  He's so tired. It's same old same old just a different day. Well their daughter wants to come live with "auntie" Dana, she asked over Memorial Day weekend. I understand her, she's a little anime nerd, doodler, RPGer (Hell she shares my DNA I'm really not surprised really.) And Tanya as much as I love her, is a terrible mother. It's the medications they make her really EVIL and that's NOT the Tanya I grew up with. I hate her medications with a passion. I've wanted her kids with me a long time just to give them some PEACE and QUIET. 
8:30 my niece gets on the phone, Tanya has decided she does not want us to get her teeth surgery done, we've offered it many times and she always turns it down. She'd rather be miserable and get attention than WELL and perhaps not get as much attention. So I was planning on going the 27th to get my niece, nephew and Tanya and take them to the family reunion. Then get Tanya's surgery done. NOPE! Tanya won't come, my nephew is mad I won't let him bring his fat smelly farty jack russell with him. because 1.) I have 4 cats who would eat him alive... 2.) I have 4 cats, 3.) Did I mention I have 4 cats? 4.) 2 of which, MIGHT have dog mites in their ears so it's a risk to the dog. So now he's not coming cause he can't bring the dog. *sigh*
8:45 I am on the phone with niece again with a "GET ME OUT OF HERE PLEASE!!!!!" sound to her voice. I can't go tomorrow to get her because of the car maintenance. But I'll get her on Thursday.
9:00 eat cold pizza
10:00 Tanya calls... even more wasted than before. *HEADDESK* I'm terrible I pretend my phone battery is dying and I have to hang up. I tell her I love her and then turn off my phone.
That was MY day how was yours?


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