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Not Dead! Update on Me, it's been a while. Sorry.

I love my Endocrinologist. Dr. Chennubhotla is just awesome. He remembers everything, even the very first day he saw me in the Hospital in October 2009. He never has to look at my chart to always remember everything we have ever discussed or tried in my ongoing battle with diabetes. And now that I’ve been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis too, he’s flat out said he’s going to manage it because it can go hand in hand with my diabetes.

He’s had me on just Victoza for a while and my averages are still on the high side in the 150s. So he’s added a long time release insulin, Levemir, 20 units that I take once a day just like my Victoza 1.8 units (both are injections). He also gave me a brand new VerioIQ OneTouch Meter. Damn this thing is high freaking tech! It does everything except do the tango. He gave both me and mom these meter’s free of charge.

Mom and I always make our tri-monthly appointments together so he sees us both at the same time and he’s just super. If we need ANYTHING we just have to call and he’s on it, PERSONALLY. He calls insurance companies (like when they kept denying my Victoza in the beginning.) He’s always got the greatest positive attitude, and he’s one of those doctors you know is in his profession because HE WANTS TO BE and genuinely enjoys helping people.

So let’s hope the addition of this low dose insulin will do the trick and bring the numbers down just those few points more where it needs to be. Managing Diabetes isn’t easy and it’s always evolving as your body evolves and changes, but I have an awesome captain of this ship who really takes a personal interest in my well-being. I wish everyone that suffered with my kind of hard to treat diabetes had this man as their Endocrinologist.

My New Meter is also awesome, it’s lovely when your doctor gives you stuff for free, especially geeky high tech meters. I also love OneTouch’s new DELICA lancet system, can’t feel it at all now when I prick my fingers and I only need the tiniest sample for the new meter and have results in 5 seconds. Pretty bad ass little gadget.


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