D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Clarification about my Hospitalization

To be fair I had an ABNORMAL reaction to something usually quite harmless. All steroids will raise blood sugars, even in non diabetic people, just rarely to the extremes that I jumped to while I was asleep. They're going to run tests to see if I also have any underlying non-diagnosed issues that could have contributed. It wasn't my PCP doing something irregular or dangerous, this was a standard, fairly common 1 week course of anti-inflammatory prednisone cortisteroids she prescribed, that probably 95% of PCP's would prescribe to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis and reduce the swelling joints. Hell it's so common it was one of those $4 prescriptions.

Type II diabetics also rarely if EVER develop Diabetic Ketoacidosis. It's almost exclusively a type I diabetic problem. So that is the real cause for concern, my body did a WTF moment for everyone.

I am however feeling much better this morning (Even if I can't sleep with a roommate who moans and whimpers and snores 24/7 awake or asleep.) And my blood sugar is back in normal ranges, 120 just a little while ago.

so I should stop spewing ketones everywhere now, which is a good thing so I can start getting rid of the toxins in my body now.
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