D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Fanfiction vs. Fanfictions

This drives me crazy when I read it: "I write Fanfictions".

No you do not.

You would never say "I write fictions". You would say "I write fictional stories" or "I write fiction". FICTION by definition just describes the type of stories you write not the quantity of material.

So please stop pluralizing a word incorrectly. STOP IT!

"I have written a lot of fanfictions." No!

"I have written a lot of fanfiction stories." YES!

Just because you added the word fan to fiction does not negate proper usage of the word fiction. 

I'm actually appalled that this is not common sense and I see this affront to the English Language at least once a day. STOP IT!

Thank you.


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