D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

More Fanart....

Age of Vikings - SuFin
by =fablespinner on deviantART

I did the Denmark x Norway "Age of Vikings" and here's a companion piece. In the next tent at camp we have Berwald and Tino (Sweden x Finland) under some wolf, reindeer and bear pelts. Berwald's gear close at hand in case something tries to come in the night and Tino asleep across his lap, using Berwald's knee as a makeshift pillow.
Looks like Berwald got a few bumps and bruises last battle and some stitches on his chest. Perhaps Tino's fingers did the sewing?
Make up whatever fantasy you like to go with this pic. I know I did.
I love Viking crap. And Got I love Berwald in a beard. :drool:
Tags: fanart, hetalia

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