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I have art I need to color.. e-mail to respond to, and RPG's to do.

One I wonder WTF happened and am really kind of upset at the turn of events that will require me to THINK, it's no longer fun, it's now like forcing myself to fucking write, And I wrote on the damn thing once already, and wrote a lot. I don't want to do the whole story over. (and the unoriginal plot line which is practically the same plot out of the story part 2 just change bad guy name, is just like "God, not this again. I don't want to write it.. AGAIN!!!!")

I was having tons more fun, just ROLE PLAYING every day life shit. I may quit or kill off my character.

The other RPG I love, but I'm making my poor Tsume bleed to death on my bed cause I can't get off my lazy bum. I promise Saishi tonight or tomorrow your Toboe will be back. xoxoxox

Went to the Dentist yesterday, and had some fillings done, and the back molar (The ONE MOLAR) I have left (which the denture will attach to), was given a root canal and a temporary crown was put in place. I go back on 5-20-03 for the permanent crown. (Thank goodness! I hate metal in my mouth, the temporary crown is driving me NUTS!!!!)

I'm just suffering Novocain headaches. (I always get migraines from Novocain)

But while I'm stalling

Earth-You are the sweet one! You like living
things and flowers. Very happy-go lucky.
Normally quite hyper. You love everyone, and
have a distaste for Goths and punks. But we
still love you!

What Spirit Are You?
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