D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

[FANART} Little Sweethearts Too (DenNor)

TITLE: Little Sweethearts Too
PAIRING: Denmark x Norway (+Iceland) 
RATING: Innocent
WARNING: More Children for Valentine's Day.

Well I've done GerIta, FrUk, and SuFin as children for Valentine's Day... now here's a little Denmark x Norway in the "Little Sweethearts" series for Valentine's Day.

Now we know where Norge got his Cross hair clip. He got it for Valentine's day from Den. Awwwwww.

Baby Brother Iceland is Unimpressed and Underwhelmed and would like his diaper changed and his bottle and for the idiot friend of his brother's to go home. He's noisy and obnoxious.


Tags: denmark, fanart, hetalia, iceland, norway

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