D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

[FANART] Kiss the Frog? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Kiss the Frog?
Artist: Me
Characters: France x England (KIDS)
Warning: None. More Kids again.
Summary: Here's another Sketch dealing with Hetalia "Kids"

Here's FrUk!

Francis at about 12-14 years old and an 8-9 year old Iggy. (With his Unicorn and Fairy.)

FRANCIS: "Kiss the "Frog" prince?"
IGGY: "Get Bent you bloody FROG! You suck!"

Iggy's shirt, English folks will get the "joke". My Ex hubby was a brit and I swear we must have bought Heinz Baked Bean in freaking BULK. The English eat an ungodly amount of those tinned beans.

Comments are always appreciated very much.
Tags: aph, england, france, fruk, hetalia

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