D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

You know it's a Good Xmas When...

 Your hubby buys you Hot Yaoi  Pr0n. LOL! Got a Manga I didn't already have in my stocking. :)

I also got a Juicer (And I juiced every tangerine in the house and it was yummy.)

and I got a couple of Movies and the Entire BlackAdder collection on DVD instead of my ancient VHS tapes. YAY for upgrading an old BBC Britcom collection I love.

We watched the Christmas Special in the set, one of my Favorites. "Melchett: And What of the Foul Marmedons? Baldrick: Good news! For the Marmedons..." That was obscure I know. Sorry.

For now I think I will start at the beginning and marathon the episodes, that sounds like a very cunning plan for christmas, yes indeed.


Happy Holidays Everyone!
Tags: christmas

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