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[aph SuFin] (FANFICTION) "Vintern Älskare"

 READ ME....


The SuFin Bug has bitten...

This is AU (I always Write AU...)
This is Romance (I always write Romance)
This could be Epic in length depending on how wordy I get (I've been known to write 1500+ page novels....)

So Yeah, Here we Go...

Synopsis: Tino was born and Raised in a brothel, when Alice another prostitute and surrogate sister dies giving birth to her son Peter, she has one dying wish. Tino raise her baby as she would have. He makes that promise with his whole soul and begins raising little Peter.

Berwald is a local carpenter, cabinet maker, and all around handy-man hired for odd jobs. When he begins working for the brothel's owner he can't help but notice one of the prostitutes is male, beautiful and everything Berwald finds appealing.

This is how they meet, where their paths join. What happens to them is the tale told here...

(Teaser Snippet Behind Cut)


The wind rattled the rotting window frame of the upper story bedroom in the converted attic space and Tino hurried over to make sure the blanket he had tacked up around the window was secure, it wouldn't do if Peter caught a cold the little dear was so susceptible to them like his mother had been.

Satisfied the blanket was secured, Tino checked the small brass bed in the corner where three of the brothel's five children slept. Peter snug in the middle between two of the older children. All three were sound asleep; he checked the trundle where the other two toddlers, twins, slept just as deeply. He turned to the wrinkled, elderly servant knitting nearby.

"Love, the children be fine. The Master will whip you again if 'un you don't get in the parlor. I watches the babies, always do." She said and Tino smiled.

"I cannot help it Hattie, I promised Alice I would take care of Peter and I always keep my word. Besides, it's cold and you know Peter gets sick easily. I'm concerned. Those bastards with more hands than brains can wait." Tino said delaying going down stairs.

Like Peter, Tino had also been born to a prostitute living in this brothel. He had in fact, never been beyond the fence around the yard of the large, but decaying, mansion. He had once slept in this attic, with Hattie watching over him until the Master had gotten an offer and Tino had been sold for the very first time.

He had been six years old.

Every night since then, for the past fourteen years Tino had been sold time and time again. It was the same every night. He was the brothel's only male prostitute, he had a select clientele who wanted his particular services and he had better get down to the Mansion's main parlor to start the evening. He usually had four or five men he'd have to take care of before morning. With a heavy sigh, resigned toward his fate, he headed down the stairs, Hattie shaking her head as she watched him leave the nursery.

"Child you needs to take yo child and run from dis here place. Run and don't never be lookin' back." She said sadly to herself as she rocked and knitted a new scarf and mittens for four year old Peter. The only person in the world Tino truly loved. He had loved Peter's mother like a sister. They had grown up together; Alice, just slightly older, had been the only one to comfort Tino the first time a man had paid to use him. She had been the one to wipe the tears and blood and to cradle a broken and sobbing little boy. She wasn't much older herself.

She had only been eighteen when Arthur first started visiting the brothel and requesting only Alice time and time again. Tino warned her not to fall in love, that men only wanted one thing despite the pretty words they spoke in the darkness. He warned her not to lose her heart and her senses. She did anyway and ended up not using the lambskins and winding up pregnant. She was sure Arthur was going to take her away and marry her.

Tino was surprised to find out much later Arthur had indeed intended to take Alice away, but died in a horrible accident just a few weeks into Alice's pregnancy. Even she hadn't known she was pregnant yet. She was inconsolable after her lover's death and when she found out she was with child, she was thrilled Arthur was going to live on in their baby. She was so happy, even if the Master wasn't. A pregnant whore was a whore not earning him money. But it happened, it always did.

However, something was very wrong. Alice grew sicker and sicker with her pregnancy. She would bleed and suffer pains and Tino fretted for her constantly as he cared for her at her bedside. She was the only light in a place full of evil and darkness. Her light could not go out; she could not leave him alone, he would not let her die.

In the end, despite all his prayers, her light did go out just as another winked into existence. Her final words to Tino had been a name for her newborn son and a wish, that Tino raise her baby for her, and love him as she would have loved him. Tino promised from the bottom of his soul as he wept bitter tears over her stilled hand as he held a newborn to his heart.

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