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Pain and Pictures....

First, PAIN.

OMG, I got the G-Tube and Picc Lines out today (they were in me since the End of August.) The pain started when she pulled (YANKED) the tube out of my stomach. Like popping a cork out of a champagne bottle. The Stomach and site spasmed like a MO-FO. And Throughout the day it has gotten steadily and progressively WORSE. The pain is radiating from the tube site, up my neck, down my arm and down my legs. I've taken 2 Dilaudid (4 hours apart) and NOTHING, NADA, not even touched the pain. It's freaking excruciating. I have no idea if this is normal or not. But God I don't want to go to the ER again, NO NO NO. I'm so done with Hospitals. *cries*

Anyone know how long I should let this pain go before I seek Medical Assistance? It's really bad. I sat drawing all day just to try and divert my attention off my pain and into something productive. I sat practically 11 hours straight in my chair, it hurt so bad to move I didn't want to.

But at least here's the result. (Just one of these is from today. The colored one. The other was from a couple of days ago I just hadn't posted it yet.

Oh and I also wrote fic too. I get productive when I don't feel good.

First off Pic and FIC written BEFORE the Pain started:

APH-Germany x Italy Xmas by *fablespinner on deviantART

FIC HERE: http://fav.me/d34ud0z

And today's pain haze fluffinness:

APH Nordic Family Xmas by *fablespinner on deviantART
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