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A Thanksgiving for the Record Books...

 For the first time in nearly 40 years (and the ONLY time in living memory) I got to spend Thanksgiving with my maternal grandmother, my parents, my hubby. My Aunts Fayetta, Deanna and Laura, My Uncles Steve and my other Uncle Steve and my (He might as well be) Uncle Rocky. My Cousin Jennifer and her husband Scooter and their kids Austin and Emily and I think it's perhaps the best Thanksgiving I've ever had.

My tummy behaved all day, the little bit of food I was able to eat was delicious. But even that paled to the WONDERFUL day spent with beautiful loved ones. We laughed, we busted out the guitars and the mandolin and we had some good old fashioned living room pickin' and singing. The weather was gorgeous (Got up to an unbelievable 75 degrees outside!). And I felt good enough to take a walk up into the holler. (I took pictures here: LINKY-POO to Facebook Photo Album.)

The next two days I felt crappy. :( I spent Friday all day in the hotel really sick.) Today was a little better and made it to Grandma's and took a nap mid day. Food is my enemy again, but at least I got a reprieve for the actual holiday.

I just adore my family and I really wish everyone were as lucky as I am in that area. No one fights, no one argues, no one complains about cramped little trailers full to overflowing with people, no one bitches about doing the dishes. We laugh, we love, we are happy. I can never understand when people complain about their relatives cause I am overly blessed with an abundance of AWESOME ones.

I always look forward to family chaos and bumping elbows in Grandma's house. We do it whenever we can, but this is the rare HOLIDAY we managed to get together.

I wish it were everyday. (Just in a bigger space cause I'm sure Grandma would get sick up tripping all over us sooner or later.) :)

Going Home Tomorrow. To All my Friends I hope your holiday was as wonderful as mine.
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