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Rest Beautiful Soul: Caer

 If you look through my gallery you'll see an image I did for one of my best friends caerfree for her Wedding Invitation back in June...

Zombie Wedding by *fablespinner on deviantART

She sadly passed away at around 9 am this morning from complications of cancer. She was diagnosed just a few days after her wedding, she fought a valiant fight but it moved into her Brain around the 20th of October, her last contact with me online was the 16th one month ago today.

Sadly, there was nothing anyone could do. Even Chemo direct to her brain tissue was ineffective and she has been non-responsive almost the entire time. She passed away quietly in her sleep this morning and I feel a giant gaping hole in my soul tonight.

I will never forget her, she was as her father described her so appropriately, Music. Living Music. Now she's a melody that will never be forgotten in my heart.

I love you Caer and I will miss you more than I can ever hope to express.

Caer Angharod (Daly) Takano
March 29, 1976 - November 16, 2010

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