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Google Chrome vs. Mozilla FireFox

I have, not without trepidation at first, finally said goodbye to FireFox. Ever since 3.0 and every update since FF has repeatedly had Non-responsive issues, has become bogged down, sluggish and a resource HOG. I had loved Firefox for years, I was loyal but I just could not take it anymore. The crashing for no reason, the locking up, the taking over a minute to initially load on a brand new computer etc...

I still wanted security, I read a lot about Google Chrome, I was leery, I so did NOT want the pain and frustration of switching. But it had become time to bid farewell to Firefox, so I downloaded Chrome...


Thank you Google Chrome for making the switch over brilliantly easy.

Thank you for reminding me how fast my internet (Over 30 megs) REALLY IS again.
Thank you for being lightweight and zippy and for having a very clean interface and for having xmarks and great ad block elements.

Make the switch FF users, it's become time if you're running Vista or Windows 7, FF can't keep up with Windows 7 especially since the 3.0 updates. It's worth the switch.

(For those of you still using IE, it's well BEYOND time you switch browsers! IE has far, far, FAR TOO MANY security issues you need to switch already for security and to protect your computer! Chrome has a plug in element that will make it look just like IE for those of you afraid of change. So it will look just like IE but have the security features you NEED in this day and age.)
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