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Health Update: Post Surgery and Post Op Scare

Well, I've had the Surgery and it went very well, so well they let me go home a day early from the hospital.
Had Surgery 9:30-is Monday Morning and went home around 2PM Wednesday Afternoon.

But then I started feeling "not right" Beginning Thursday morning. It continued to get worse, the pain got worse and I was extremely nauseous. I am NOT to throw up for 6 weeks, it may tear fragile sutures inside so we ended up in the ER around 11:30PM Thursday Night.

They got in an IV and got me a shot of zofran really quickly to abate the nausea and then a shot of Dilaudid sent me to LA LA land free of pain for a while (Free from consciousness almost). They took some x-rays and a CT scan of my abdomen and nothing was showing up physically internally wrong so by now it's about 7 AM Friday morning and they are moving me up to a room for my Surgeon to see me that afternoon.

Saw Dr. Shina around 3PM Friday, he checked the xrays and CT scan and physically looked at my wounds and then decided to do an Endoscopy on me on Saturday. No food, No water Nada... Nothing ZIP by mouth until then... It's already been 24 hours since I'd eaten, it was going to be 24 hours more. *sigh* But Better safe than sorry.

Around 11:30 This morning (Saturday) I had the endoscopy and it turns out I had a case of Gastroenteritis on top of my brand new surgery and that the xrays and ct Scans showed I have several Gall Stones (Source of the PAIN and aggravated by the Gastroenteritis which was the source of all that nausea.)

So There you Have It.

I got released from the hospital this afternoon (Saturday) with meds and I'll follow up with Dr. Shina on Tuesday I am still sore as HELL but on the road to mending thank goodness. Now to rest.
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