D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama


I love summer, summer does not love me. *sigh*

I have a pool, I adore my pool, I would LIVE in my pool if I could. I can exercise without stress on my joints and without fear of falling. (I have Neuropathy and sometimes my legs decide to take walks WITHOUT the rest of me and I fall down a lot...) So in the water I can swim and do good resistance exercising and I LOVE IT. I am part fish...

Only trouble is, I have the fairest skin like EVAR! Redheads point at me, laugh and call me whitey! I burn so bad, so fast so I can only go in the pool for short periods of time and then wait until the sun dips down behind the tree line after about 5:30 PM to really enjoy a good long swim.

Cause even after I put on tons of 50 SPF UVA/UVB waterproof sunblock today, I was in the pool 15 minutes around lunchtime cause it was *HOT* and my air conditioning is broke and I was waiting for the repair man to arrive, so I went to cool off a bit... I am a crispy critter right now... OUCHIE! My shoulders, chest and back are red as a lobster.

Oh Aloe Aftersun you are a friend of mine.... *ouch*

But my air is fixed at least and it was just a faulty switch. *whew* inexpensive repair. :)

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